CakePHP basic cms app

v1.0-beta.1 2015-05-11 23:10 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-25 21:15:17 UTC


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A project for creating applications with CakePHP 3.0. Work as a basic CMS can be customized easily.

Included plugins:

  1. Bootstrap UI: Transparently use Twitter Bootstrap 3 with CakePHP 3.
  2. CRUD: CakePHP Application development on steroids - rapid prototyping / scaffolding & production ready code - JSON APIs and more.
  3. Proffer: An upload plugin for CakePHP 3.


  1. Categories Table (with image support).
  2. Contents Table (with image support).


  1. Download Composer or update composer self-update.

  2. Run php composer.phar create-project --prefer-dist ayman/quick_cake [app_name].

    If Composer is installed globally, run

    composer create-project --prefer-dist ayman/quick_cake [app_name]


`$ "bin/cake" server -p 5000`

Code generation with bake templates from BootstrapUI Plugin:

For example: bookmarks table

$ "bin/cake" bake all bookmarks -t BootstrapUI