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A Composer plugin to install packages from Magento Connect using composer, without using a custom satis install like http://packages.firegento.com/

This tool replaces using http://packages.firegento.com/ as I've found it to be unreliable, there are many packages found on connect that are not present. There seems to be a slight lag on new versions also. I created this plugin instead of contributing as it seems the source for the connect crawling is not public. I believe this tool is slightly more simple in its inner workings.


Require this plugin:

composer require aydin-hassan/magento-connect-composer-plugin

Define your connect packages:

    "name": "some-magento-project",
    "require": {
        "aydin-hassan/magento-connect-composer-plugin" : "~1.0"
    "extra": {
        "connect-packages" : {
            "Adyen_Payment": "~2.3",
            "Aijko_WidgetImageChooser" : "*"

Note: The connect packages should be the conenct extenison key. The exact same case should be used as the connect server is case-sensitive. All versions available on connect will be available to you and you can use composer's special operators such as ^ , ~ and 1.*.


composer update

Tip: If you use this plugin inconjunction with magento-composer-installer the modules will also be installed to your magento-root-dir.

Finding modules

Either use:

If you use connect you will need an account to view the extension key.


The first time you install the package, if you already have your extra defined, the connect packages will not be downloaded. This is due to the plugin needing to process the extra before composer performs dependency solving. Any events after the package has been installed for the first time are too late. However, a message will be printed in this circumstance telling you to run composer update again.

This problem is irrelevent if you first install the plugin then define your connect packages. This issue does not occur when installing from the lock file.