Manipulation of the file system paths

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Manipulation of the file system paths.

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  • The library does not require any dependencies (except composer packages).
  • Tested on PHP 5.4+, PHP 7, HHVM (on Linux), PHP 5.5 (on Windows).
  • Install: composer require axy/fs-paths.
  • License: MIT.


The library provides functions for work with file paths. Normalization, resolving and etc.

The library works with abstract paths. No requests to the real file system.



use axy\fs\paths\Paths;

/* Static methods */
Paths::normalize('/one/two/../three'); // "/one/three"

/* Adapters */
$posix = Paths::getAdapter('posix');
$win = Paths::getAdapter('windows');

$posix->isAbsolute('c:\config.sys'); // False
$win->isAbsolute('c:\config.sys'); // True

/* Objects */
$url = Paths::getAdapter('url')->create('http://site.loc/news/view.php?id=10');
$url->resolve('../index.html#footer'); // http://site.loc/index.html#footer

$url->params->fragment; // "footer"