Necessary evil

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  • The library does not require any dependencies.
  • Tested on PHP 5.4+, PHP 7, HHVM (on Linux), PHP 5.5 (on Windows).
  • Install: composer require axy/evil.
  • License: MIT.


Some language features are not recommended for frequent use. eval(), exit, global variables, direct access to super-global arrays.

But sometimes it is necessary. If you use static code analyzer, it will swear. We'll have to suppress messages.

/** @SuppressWarnings(PHPMD.Superglobals) */
$x = $_POST['x'];

This library encapsulates the "evil" features. You simply call methods and disclaims any sin.


Classes are in the namespace axy\evil.


It contains calls of "evil" functions. So how exit, echo and etc is keywords methods have other names.

eval - execCode
Evil::execCode('2 + 2'); // 4
exit - stop
Evil::stop(); // exit
Evil::stop(5); // exit with code 5
breakpoint(mixed $message [, bool $line [, bool $file [, int $status]);

Shows debugging information and terminates the current script (with the status from $status).

If $message is not a scalar then used print_r().

If specified $line: shows the line number of the breakpoint. For $file shows the file name.

Evil::breakpoint('point'); // point
Evil::breakpoint('point', true); // 15: point
Evil::breakpoint('point', true, true); // /path/to/script.php:15: point

In CLI mode the $message completes new line. In HTTP mode the $message enclosed in <pre>.

echo - out

Sends a string to the stdout stream.


Static methods of axy\evil\Superglobals:

  • getSERVER()
  • getGET()
  • getPOST()
  • getREQUEST()
  • getCOOKIE()
  • getFILES()
  • getSESSION()
  • getENV()

Return the corresponding superglobals arrays. The data is returned by reference.

$session = Superglobals::getSESSION();
$session['var'] = 'value'; // no effect

$session = &Supeglobals::getSESSION();
$session['var'] = 'value'; // success


Static methods:

  • getGLOBALS(): returns $_GLOBALS by reference
  • get($name [, $default]): returns the value of a global variable (or $default if the variable not found)
  • set($name, $value): set
  • remove($name): unset