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A simple Laravel 4/5 service provider for including the AWS SDK for PHP.

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A simple Laravel 5 service provider for including the AWS SDK for PHP.


The AWS Service Provider can be installed via Composer by requiring the aws/aws-sdk-php-laravel5 package in your project's composer.json.

    "require": {
        "aws/aws-sdk-php-laravel5": "1.*"

Then run a composer update

php composer.phar update


To use the AWS Service Provider, you must register the provider when bootstrapping your Laravel application.

Publish the package configuration using Artisan.

php artisan config:publish aws/aws-sdk-php-laravel5

Update your settings in the generated app/config/packages/aws/aws-sdk-php-laravel5 configuration file.

return array(
    'key'         => 'YOUR_AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID',
    'secret'      => 'YOUR_AWS_SECRET_KEY',
    'region'      => 'us-east-1',
    'config_file' => null,

Find the providers key in your app/config/app.php and register the AWS Service Provider.

    'providers' => array(
        // ...

Find the aliases key in your app/config/app.php and add the AWS facade alias.

    'aliases' => array(
        // ...
        'AWS' => 'Aws\Laravel\AwsFacade',


In order to use the AWS SDK for PHP within your app, you need to retrieve it from the Laravel IoC Container. The following example uses the Amazon S3 client to upload a file.

$s3 = App::make('aws')->get('s3');
    'Bucket'     => 'YOUR_BUCKET',
    'Key'        => 'YOUR_OBJECT_KEY',
    'SourceFile' => '/the/path/to/the/file/you/are/uploading.ext',

If the AWS facade is registered within the aliases section of the application configuration, you can also use the following technique.

$s3 = AWS::get('s3');
    'Bucket'     => 'YOUR_BUCKET',
    'Key'        => 'YOUR_OBJECT_KEY',
    'SourceFile' => '/the/path/to/the/file/you/are/uploading.ext',