AWS Common Runtime for PHP

v1.2.4 2023-11-08 00:42 UTC



  • PHP 5.5+ on UNIX platforms, 7.2+ on Windows
  • CMake 3.x
  • GCC 4.4+, clang 3.8+ on UNIX, Visual Studio build tools on Windows
  • Tests require Composer

Installing with Composer and PECL

The package has two different package published to composer and PECL.

On UNIX, you can get the package from package manager or build from source:

pecl install awscrt
composer require aws/aws-crt-php

On Windows, you need to build from source as instruction written below for the native extension php_awscrt.dll . And, follow to load extension. After that:

composer require aws/aws-crt-php

Building from Github source

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd aws-crt-php
$ phpize
$ ./configure
$ make
$ ./dev-scripts/

Building on Windows

Requirements for Windows

  • Ensure you have the windows PHP SDK (this example assumes installation of the SDK to C:\php-sdk and that you've checked out the PHP source to php-src within the build directory) and it works well on your machine.

  • Ensure you have "Development package (SDK to develop PHP extensions)" and PHP available from your system path. You can download them from You can check if they are available by running phpize -v and php -v


From Command Prompt (not powershell). The instruction is based on Visual Studio 2019 on 64bit Windows.

> git clone --recursive
> git clone C:\php-sdk
> C:\php-sdk\phpsdk-vs16-x64.bat

$ cd <your-path-to-aws-crt-php>

$ phpize

# --with-prefix only required when your php runtime in system path is different than the runtime you wish to use.
$ configure --enable-awscrt=shared --with-prefix=<your-path-to-php-prefix>

$ nmake

$ nmake generate-php-ini

# check .\php-win.ini, it now has the full path to php_awscrt.dll that you can manually load to your php runtime, or you can run the following command to run tests and load the required native extension for awscrt.
$ .\dev-scripts\run_tests.bat <your-path-to-php-binary>

Note: for VS2017, Cmake will default to build for Win32, refer to here. If you are building for x64 php, you can set environment variable as follow to let cmake pick x64 compiler.

set CMAKE_GENERATOR=Visual Studio 15 2017


Using PHPBrew to build/manage multiple versions of PHP is helpful.

Note: You must use a debug build of PHP to debug native extensions. See the PHP Internals Book for more info

# PHP 8 example
$ phpbrew install --stdout -j 8 8.0 +default -- CFLAGS=-Wno-error --disable-cgi --enable-debug
# PHP 5.5 example
$ phpbrew install --stdout -j 8 5.5 +default -openssl -mbstring -- CFLAGS="-w -Wno-error" --enable-debug --with-zlib=/usr/local/opt/zlib
$ phpbrew switch php-8.0.6 # or whatever version is current, it'll be at the end of the build output
$ phpize
$ ./configure

Ensure that the php you launch from your debugger is the result of which php , not just the system default php.


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.

Known OpenSSL related issue (Unix only)

  • When your php loads a different version of openssl than your system openssl version, awscrt may fail to load or weirdly crash. You can find the openssl version php linked via: php -i | grep 'OpenSSL', and awscrt linked from the build log, which will be Found OpenSSL: * (found version *)

The easiest workaround to those issue is to build from source and get aws-lc for awscrt to depend on instead. TO do that, same instructions as here, but use USE_OPENSSL=OFF make instead of make


This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.