RoadRunner bridge for Laravel applications

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RoadRunner ⇆ Laravel bridge

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Easy way for connecting RoadRunner and Laravel applications.


Require this package with composer using the one of next commands.

For Laravel versions 5.5.x..5.7.x with minimal PHP version 7.0 (version 1.x is abandoned):

$ composer require avto-dev/roadrunner-laravel "^1.4"

For Laravel versions 5.5.x..5.8.x with minimal PHP version 7.1.3 and above:

$ composer require avto-dev/roadrunner-laravel "^2.0"

Installed composer is required (how to install composer).

You need to fix the major version of package.

After that you can optionally "publish" default RoadRunner configuration files into your application root directory using next command:

$ php ./artisan vendor:publish --provider='AvtoDev\RoadRunnerLaravel\ServiceProvider' --tag=rr-config

If you wants to disable package service-provider auto discover, just add into your composer.json next lines:

    "extra": {
        "laravel": {
            "dont-discover": [


This package allows you to use "production ready" worker for RoadRunner, that you can extend as you want.

Out of the box it supports next run parameters:

Name Description
--(not-)force-https Force (or not) https schema usage (eg. for links generation)
--(not-)reset-db-connections Drop (or not) database connections after incoming request serving
--(not-)reset-redis-connections Drop (or not) Redis connections after incoming request serving
--(not-)refresh-app Force refresh application instance after incoming request serving
--(not-)inject-stats-into-request Inject into each Request object macros ::getTimestamp() and ::getAllocatedMemory() that returns timestamp and used allocated memory size
--not-fix-symfony-file-validation Do not fix isValid method in \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\File\UploadedFile #10

Parameters should be declared in RR configuration file (eg. ./.rr.local.yml) in http.workers.command, eg. php ./vendor/bin/rr-worker --some-parameter

Also you can use next environment variables:

Environment name Description
APP_BASE_PATH Base path to the application
APP_BOOTSTRAP_PATH Path to the application bootstrap file (default: /bootstrap/app.php)
APP_FORCE_HTTPS Force https schema usage (eg. for links generation)
RR_WORKER_CLASS Worker class name (default: \AvtoDev\RoadRunnerLaravel\Worker\Worker)

Additional HTTP-headers

For forcing https schema usage you can pass special HTTP header FORCE-HTTPS with any non-empty value.


You can extend this worker as you wish, for more information - "Look into the sources, Luke!".


For package testing we use phpunit framework. Just write into your terminal (installed docker-ce is required):

$ git clone git@github.com:avto-dev/roadrunner-laravel.git ./roadrunner-laravel && cd $_
$ make install
$ make test

Changes log

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Issues Issues

If you will find any package errors, please, make an issue in current repository.


This is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT License.