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Making REST API calls easier

v1.0 2015-07-31 23:29 UTC

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Last update: 2022-02-01 12:49:56 UTC


Making REST API calls easier

With this simple PHP class (which is a cURL wrapper) you can operate on REST API's as easily as possible!

Installation via Composer:

composer require avris/api


$api = new Avris\Api\Api('https://api.example.com', 'json');
$response = $api->call('user/77/products', array('maxPrice' => 100));
$response = $api->call('user/77/products/123', array(), 'PUT', array('is_active' => 0));

First call will send a GET (default method) request to https://api.example.com/user/77/products?maxPrice=100.

Second call will send a PUT request to https://api.example.com/user/77/products/123 with data is_active => 0.

Trivial, isn't it?

Every response is also automatically JSON decoded, because we specified it in the second argument of the constructor. Accepted decoders are: text (plaintext, default), json and xml.

By using $api->addAuthentication, you can order the library to append some set of data to every request. Accepted types are: query ($_GET), data ($_POST) and header (HTTP headers). For example:

$api->addAuthentication('header', 'X-Token', '3d898f5fa97812b530352c28835f9f6b215cfa75');

Will append a X-Token: 3d898f5fa97812b530352c28835f9f6b215cfa75 header to every request made.

To connect to a server via HTTPS using a certificate, just invoke this function:

$api->setCertificate(__DIR__ . '/server.crt');

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