WordPress plugin for handling large volumes of legacy redirects in a scalable manner.

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1.3.0 2017-07-21 11:08 UTC


WordPress plugin for handling legacy redirects in a scalable manner.

Redirects are stored as a custom post type and use the following fields:

  • post_name for the md5 hash of the "from" path or URL.
    • we use this column, since it's indexed and queries are super fast.
    • we also use an md5 just to simplify the storage.
  • post_title to store the non-md5 version of the "from" path.
  • one of either:
    • post_parent if we're redirect to a post; or
    • post_excerpt if we're redirecting to an alternate URL.

For detailed documentation, please see

Please contact us before using this plugin.


  • PHP 5.6+
  • WordPress 4.5+

Change Log

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Licensed under GPL-2.0-or-later.