Utility functions used by the block editor extensions


Utility functions used by the block editor extensions.

This package is the new home for the code in the extensions/shared directory of the Jetpack plugin, so that plugins can share it. To begin with, we moving the code used by the Publicize editor extension, but the goal is to bring over all the shared code.

Fetching modules data from the store

The package relies on controls and resolvers to pull modules data from the API, and put it into the package's Redux store.

Basic Usage

In order to have all modules related data synced within different packages, let's use this Redux store as a source of truth, for both, getting and updating the data.

Use withSelect, withDispatch higher-order component to pull the data or useSelect hook to pull the data from the store to pull directly in component. Example:

// Imports.
import { withSelect, withDispatch } from '@wordpress/data';
import { JETPACK_MODULES_STORE_ID } from '@automattic/jetpack-shared-extension-utils';

const SampleComponent = props => {
	const { isModuleActive, isLoadingModules, isChangingStatus, updateJetpackModuleStatus } = props;

    if ( isModuleActive ) {
        return <div>Module is active</div>;

    if ( isLoadingModules ) {
        return <div>Loading modules...</div>;
    if ( !isModuleActive ) {
        return <button onClick={ () => updateJetpackModuleStatus( 'contact-form', true ) }>
            Activate module

	return <div>Active contact form module</div>;

// We wrap `SampleComponent` into the composition of `withSelect` and `withDispatch` HOCs,
// which will pull the data from the store and pass as a parameter into the component.
// Jetpack modules will be pulled after first selection `isModuleActive`.
export default compose( [
	withSelect( ( select, props ) => {
		const { isModuleActive, areModulesLoading, isModuleUpdating } = select( 'jetpack-modules' );
		return {
			isModuleActive: isModuleActive( 'contact-form' ),
			isLoadingModules: areModulesLoading(),
			isChangingStatus: isModuleUpdating( 'contact-form' ),
	} ),
	withDispatch( dispatch => {
		const { updateJetpackModuleStatus } = dispatch( 'jetpack-modules' );
		return { updateJetpackModuleStatus };
	} ),
] )( ( SampleComponent ) );

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