Identity Crisis.

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Identity Crisis


The Identity Crisis package can be initialized using the Config package as shown in the example below.

use Automattic\Jetpack\Config;

// Configuring as early as plugins_loaded priority 1
// to make sure every action handler gets properly set.
add_action( 'plugins_loaded', 'configure_identity_crisis', 1 );

function configure_identity_crisis() {
    $config = new Config();
    $config->ensure( 'identity_crisis' );

The Identity Crisis package can also be initialized directly.

// Initialize Identity Crisis.
add_action( 'plugins_loaded', array( 'Automattic\\Jetpack\\Identity_Crisis', 'init' ) );


Clearing IDC options.

namespace Automattic\Jetpack\Identity_Crisis;

Using this package in your WordPress plugin

If you plan on using this package in your WordPress plugin, we would recommend that you use Jetpack Autoloader as your autoloader. This will allow for maximum interoperability with other plugins that use this package as well.


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jetpack-identity-crisis is licensed under GNU General Public License v2 (or later)