This adds a cronjob that sends a batch of internal automattic stats to once a day


Sends a daily batch of stats to using the A8C MC Stats package.

These are internal usage stats for Automattic, not visible to site owners.


1. Make sure Heartbeat is initialized:


2. Add your stats to the heartbeat

Add a filter callback:

add_filter( 'jetpack_heartbeat_stats_array', 'my_callback' );

In your callback, add the stats you want to the array with new key => value pairs where:

  • key is the stat group name
  • value is the stat name.
function my_callback( $stats ) {
	$stats['my-plugin'] = 'active';
	return $stats;

This will bump the stats for the 'my-plugin/active' stat.

And that's all!

Now your stats will be added to the batch of stats that are bumped once a day.