A Babel plugin to replace the textdomain in gettext-style function calls.

v1.0.34 2024-03-04 15:35 UTC


A Babel plugin to replace the textdomain in gettext-style function calls.

This may be useful when using node modules for code-sharing among multiple applications (e.g. WordPress plugins), so each application's bundle uses a consistent textdomain throughout.


Generally you'll install this via your package manager, e.g.

npm install --save-dev @automattic/babel-plugin-replace-textdomain


In your Babel config, you might include the plugin something like this:

	"plugins": [
		[ "@automattic/babel-plugin-replace-textdomain", { "textdomain": "new-domain" } ]

Plugin options are:

  • textdomain: Specify the replacement text domain. The value may be a string, which will replace all domains; an object, to map specific domains (leaving any others untouched); or a function, which will be passed the existing domain (empty string if the domain is missing entirely) and is expected to return the new domain (or null).

  • functions: Specify the functions that take domain arguments. This is an object mapping function names to the (zero-based) index of the domain argument.

    The default function list handles the __, _x, _n, and _nx functions provided by @wordpress/i18n. This list may be accessed as require( '@automattic/babel-plugin-replace-textdomain' ).defaultFunctions.

To report instances of the specified i18n functions called without a domain or with an improper value for the domain, set the DEBUG environment variable to include @automattic/babel-plugin-replace-textdomain.


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babel-plugin-replace-textdomain is licensed under GNU General Public License v2 (or later)