This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A simple authorization package for Laravel 4.

1.0 2014-02-18 14:04 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2019-02-20 17:31:46 UTC


Authoritaire is an attempt to create a simple, orthogonal authorization library. The premise came after seeing many Laravel 4 user libraries that couple too tightly with projects and attempt to do too much.

Authoritaire facilitates role-based and permissions-per-role authorization checks. Many systems can get by using only roles, however if you need more fine-grained control over things, permissions are available.


Using Authoritaire is as simple as running the migration:

./artisan migrate --package="atrauzzi/authoritaire"

Implement the interface Authorizable and then add the trait AuthorizableImpl to any model you wish to perform permission checks on.

use Atrauzzi\Authoritaire\Model\Authorizable;
use Atrauzzi\Authoritaire\Model\AuthorizableImpl;

class User implements UserInterface, RemindableInterface, Authorizable {
  use AuthorizableImpl;
  // ...

You can create new Permissions by instantiating them and relating them to a Role.

$eatPlants = Atrauzzi\Authoritaire\Model\Permission::create([
  'name' => 'Eat Plants'

$vegetarian = Atrauzzi\Authoritaire\Model\Role::create([
  'name' => 'Vegetarian',
  'description' => 'Does not eat meat.'

You can grant authorizables membership to Roles from either side using addRole() from Authorizable or addAuthorizable() from Role:

$a = User::first();
$r = Atrauzzi\Authoritaire\Model\Role::where('name', '=', 'Vegetarian')->first();

// Add from authorizable-side.
// Or add from role-side.

Performing checks is as simple as asking the user if they are either a member of a role or have access to a permission. Authoritaire will take care of everything.

$u->is('Vegetarian');                       // true
$u->can('Eat Plants');                      // true
$u->is('Administrator');                    // false

// You can also perform checks for a set of permissions or roles.
$u->is(['Administrator', 'Vegetarian']);    // false


This version of Authoritaire makes use of some workarounds due to limitations in Laravel 4's polymorphic relations. As such, one join table has to be more directly manipulated than I would have liked.


The Laravel framework is open-sourced software license under the MIT license

This project is too to ensure maximum compatibility.


I'm interested in hearing feedback and suggestions about this package. Please feel free to submit a ticket at any time.

Visit authoritaire:

Authoritaire is made by Alexander Trauzzi

A big thank you to Todd Francis for his original work on Verify-L4! While I didn't keep the lion's share of his work, it has mostly inspired the schema.