Symfony Translation component Interface for Atk4

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Last update: 2024-06-11 23:43:00 UTC


Interface for Symfony\Translation component for Agile Toolkit Ui.



composer require atk4/i18n



The translator need initializing.

use Atk4\I18n\Service;

Service::init($locale, $formatter, $cachePath, $cacheOptions, $clearCache);

string $locale

The default locale use by the Symfony Translator.

MessageFormatterInterface $formatter

[optional] - You can supply your own formatter which comply to MessageFormatterInterface from Symfony. When null, the symfony translation component will create one by default.

string $cachePath

[optional] - This will cache translation resources files at specify location. It is recomand to use for production as it will speed up resource loading.

$cahePath = 'dir/to/caches'

array $cacheOptions

[optional] - Will generate caches files according to this option. A good usage would be to specify caches for a translation version.

$caheOptions = ['version' => '1.0.0']

bool $clearCache

[optional] - Will clear caches files and regenerates resource file. For use in development.

Adding Resources files

Once translator has been initialized, add your translation resource files to it.

Service::addResource($path, $locale, $format);

string $path

The path to the directory where your resource files are located. In order to load correctly, this directory must be organized per locale.

├── languages
│   ├── en
│   │   ├── messages.en.php
│   │   └── messages+intl-icu.en.php
│   ├── en_US
│   │   ├── messages.en_US.php
│   │   └── messages+intl-icu.en_US.php
│   ├── fr
│   │   ├──
│   │   └──
│   ├── fr_FR
│   │   ├── messages.fr_FR.php
│   │   └── messages+intl-icu.fr_FR.php

By specifing the languages path, the service will automatically load all resources within the specified locale directory and file type format.


Resource files name must follow this convention:

  • default message: [domain].[locale].[format]
  • ICU message: [domain]+intl-icu.[locale].[format]

string $locale

The locale directory to load file from.

string $format

The file format to load that is located inside the specified locale directory.

The service support file of type: php, yaml, po, csv, json, xlf, ini, mo, qt.

The shortcut function _t().

The service expose a shortcut function in order to translate messages directly.

use function Atk4\I18n\Resource\_t;

echo _t($id, $param, $domain, $locale)

string $id

The id of the resource to translate.

array $param

[optional] - The parameter needed for translating the resource. Usually need for ICU message format.

string $domain

[optional] - The domain name. Default is 'messages'.

string $locale

[optional] - The locale name. Default is the one use in the service init method.

The Translatable message T::class.

You may define certain messages to translate at a later stage using the translatable message T::class.

use Atk4\I18n\T;

// create translatable msg instance.
$msg = T::from($id, $param, $domain)

// output $msg in specified locale when need.
echo $msg->in('fr_FR');

Fallback locales

The symfony\translation component support fallback strategy for unavailable locale resources.

Service::addFallbackLocales(array $locales)

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