A package to send rich MIME emails.

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demonstation documentation A PHP package to send rich MIME emails.


To create a Mailer instance, just write:

$mailer = \MimeMailer\Mailer::getInstance();

You can define a set of user options writing:

$mailer = \MimeMailer\Mailer::getInstance(array(
    'options name' => 'option value',

The Mailer instance acts like a global container to build messages and send them. It handles a set of messages as an array. From this container, you can access to:

$mailer->getMessage() // the current message object
$mailer->getTransporter() // the current transporter object
$mailer->getSpooler() // the current spooler object

To work on current message, you can write:

$mailer->getMessage() // the message will be created if none was defined

Many methods are defined to build a message, please refer to the PHP class itself to learn more.

All "persons" fields can be defined as the followings:

 ( 'my@email.address' )
 ( 'my@email.address', 'my name' )
 ( array( 'my name'=>'my@email.address' ) )
 ( array( 'my name'=>'my@email.address', 'another name'=>'another@email.address' ) )
 ( array( 'my name'=>'my@email.address', 'another@email.address' ) )

Finally, to send built messages, just write:


Some logs are accessibles from the container with:



For a complete information about how to install this package and load its namespace, please have a look at our USAGE documentation.

If you are a Composer user, just add the package to the requirements of your project's composer.json manifest file:

"atelierspierrot/mime-mailer": "@stable"

You can use a specific release or the latest release of a major version using the appropriate version constraint.

Please note that this package depends on the externals PHP Patterns, PHP Library and PHP Validators.

Author & License

MIME Mailer

Copyright (c) 2013-2016 Pierre Cassat and contributors

Licensed under the Apache Version 2.0 license.

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