The UNOFFICIAL sprites of the Free Wireframe Toolbar Icons for GUI designers by Gentleface (

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The UNOFFICIAL sprites of the Free Wireframe Toolbar Icons for GUI designers by Gentleface UI / UX design.

!! - This work is unofficial and is not liable for Gentleface, but was developed and is available for public download and use with their agreement in the conditions explained below.


This package proposes some CSS sprites constructed on the Gentleface custom toolbar icons. The original set of icons is proposed under Creative Commons "Attribution - Non Commercial" license, free of use for NON COMMERCIAL usage as long as you attach image credits to "Gentleface UI / UX design". See the bottom of this page for more infos about protection licenses.

To learn more about "CSS sprites" conception, see the Sprite (computer graphics) wikipedia's page.

As the original icons set, the sprites proposed icons in black and white, 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 pixels.



This package is a "standalone" CSS framework. To use it, you just need to get its sources from GitHub and include the src/ content of the package in your project assets.

If you are a Bower user, the package is registered so you can write in your bower.json:

"dependencies": {
    "atelierspierrot/gentleface-sprites": "dev-master"

If you are a Composer user, the package is referenced to Packagist so you can write in your composer.json:

"require": {
    "atelierspierrot/gentleface-sprites": "dev-master"

The package has a library-assets type to allow handling by the Assets Manager Composer's extension. If you plan to use the manager, you can use the assets-install branch of the package, which has the AssetsManager in its requirements (to be sure it will be loaded before the sprite and be able to move it in the project assets).

HTML usage

Once the package is included in your project, you can start to use the sprites framework.

To do so, you first need to include the CSS definitions:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/package/src/gentleface-sprites.min.css" />

Then you can start writing some Gentleface icons spans using the framework explained below.

A demonstration page is available in the global package (that requires a PHP server) in demo/ ; it shows in particular the list of available icons and their names.

CSS Framework

The package defines some CSS sprites classes to render some icons easily and with least of work.

The CSS framework to use the sprites is based on three central classes:

  • the first one to choose the icons size: gentleface-XX with XX in 16, 24, 32 or 48,
  • the second one to choose the icons color: black or white,
  • the last one to choose the icon itself, which is the name of the icon.

For instance, to render a black, 24 by 24 pixels image of the "balance" icon, you will write:

<span class="gentleface-24 black balance"></span>

As the sprites are not defined with restrictive CSS rules, you may encounter rendering problems (such as margins or paddings defined globally in your document) that can be avoid adding a reset class to your icons:

<span class="gentleface-24 black reset balance"></span>

A simple gentleface class is designed as a shortcut that defaults to the black icons in size 16x16. For instance, the followings are equivalent:

<span class="gentleface-16 black balance"></span>
<span class="gentleface balance"></span>

Finally, some classes can be used to define common effects on icons:

  • an "hover" effect on links containing icons using a hover-COLOR class on the icon, which means that the icon will be switched to the concerned COLOR (black or white) when the mouse is over the link (hover event) or when it's focused (focus event),
  • an "active" effect on DOM elements containing icons using a active-COLOR class on the icon, which means that when the container will have the class active (a menu item for instance), the icon will be switched to the concerned COLOR.


<a href="#" title="Icon with hover effect">
    <span class="gentleface-48 hover-white rss"></span>

<a href="#" title="Inversed icon with hover effect">
    <span class="gentleface-32 white hover-black rss"></span>

    <li title="Classic state icon">
        <span class="gentleface-24 active-white shield"></span>
    <li class="active" title="Active state icon">
        <span class="gentleface-24 active-white shield"></span>


As mentioned above, the original set of icons is made by Gentleface and proposed under Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial license. You are free to use it in personal (non-commercial) works but you must always add a link to in a prominent place (e.g. the page footer), including the CC-BY-NC license and the reference to on every page using the icons.

To use these icons (and this package by extension) on commercial websites, applications (including web applications) and services, you can by a Royalty Free license on This licensed version includes EPS and SWF vector files.

The sprites were generated with the help of and are CSS3 valid.

The minified version of the CSS file of the package was processed with the YUI Compressor.

The PNG sprites are optimized using (TM).