This package provides a trait and class to allow calling methods based on a condition without breaking the method chain.

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This package provides a trait and class to allow calling methods based on a condition without breaking the method chain. This is useful if you want to call a method only if the variable you insert has a value.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require astrotomic/php-conditional-proxy


The easiest will be to use the \Astrotomic\ConditionalProxy\HasConditionalCalls trait which adds a when() method. The \Astrotomic\ConditionalProxy\ConditionalProxy is made to work with methods returning $this because otherwise you can get unexpected results and wrong code-completion.

use Astrotomic\ConditionalProxy\HasConditionalCalls;

class MyClass
    use HasConditionalCalls;

Conditional chained Method

You can call the when() method by only passing the condition and chain the method to call if the condition is true.

// foo() bar() baz() will be called

// foo() baz() will be called

Conditional Callback

If you want you can also pass a callback as second parameter to the when() method.

// foo() bar() baz() will be called
$class->foo()->when(true, fn($self) => $self->bar())->baz();

// foo() baz() will be called
$class->foo()->when(false, fn($self) => $self->bar())->baz();

Advanced Usage

If you already have an if() or when() method and want to advance it or implement this behavior in any other method you can initialize and return the \Astrotomic\ConditionalProxy\ConditionalProxy yourself.

use Astrotomic\ConditionalProxy\ConditionalProxy;

class MyClass
    public function if($condition)
        return new ConditionalProxy($this, $condition);

    public function foo($foo)
        $this->foo = $foo;

        return $this;


composer test


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