Simplifies Compass/SASS development with Symfony2 bundles

0.2.1 2014-01-24 13:06 UTC


A bundle to simplify the development with Compass/SASS and symfony2 bundles. It is intended to be used in conjunction with Assetic and not as a replacement. In addition, it adds a file importer to SASS that is able to resolve the familiar @BundleName notation and also the SASS script function bundle-public('@BundleName/images/foo.png') to build the correct path to any asset in the bundles public directory.

The Idea

Use compass to manage every bundle as a standalone project and use a special file importer to reference assets in other bundles. The generated CSS files are then referenced in Assetic.


Any Symfony2 2.3+ application will do. You will also need Ruby with rubygems installed and the following gems:

gem install json
gem install compass


composer require asoc/compassomator-bundle


The Compassomator is also able to trigger assetic:dump and assetic:dump --watch if it is desired. To enable it, set the following option:

	manage_assetic: true

Quick Setup

Step 1

Create a simple config.rb file inside every bundle inside the Resources/ directory with the following content:

css_dir = "public/css"
sass_dir = "sass"

Any generated CSS file will be placed inside the bundles Resources/public/css directory, every SCSS/SASS file that should be compiled by Compass will be searched in Resources/sass.

Step 2

Add the Resources/public/css to .gitignore in the project root. In this setup it is assumed that there are NO css files in the public/css directory that are not generated by Compass/SASS. If there are, it might be required to choose another css_dir.

Step 3

Reference the generated CSS files with the usual Assetic helper in the view:

{% stylesheets
{% endstylesheets %}

Step 4

Run the compassomator.

app/console compassomator:compile

If assetic is not run automatically (manage_assetic: true), dumping the assets with assetic is also required:

app/console assetic:dump

Step 5

Run compass watch and assetic dump in the background to automatically update the generated CSS.

# Start
app/console compassomator:watch
# End
app/console compassomator:watch --abort

If assetic is not run automatically (manage_assetic: true), watching the assets with assetic is also required:

app/console assetic:dump --watch

Step 6

Show logs

To view any errors, compass or assetic, the logs can be shown using the logs command.

app/console compassomator:logs

Logs and other run files can be found in app/cache/compassomator for debugging purposes.


Made possible by BITE GmbH as a side project during my master thesis.


  • At the moment, cache:clear will trigger the compassomator:compile command once, so it will take a few seconds longer on a cache:clear by default.


Whatever is on your mind, open an issue or a pull request (be it a bug/typo/feature request/code improvement...) :)