Implemenation of communication with MVCR document validator API

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The development is under AsisTeam s.r.o.. Feel free to use and contribute.



composer require asisteam/mvcr-document-validator


State Version Branch PHP
development ^0.1 master >= 7.1
production ^1.0 master >= 7.1


This package communicates with MVČR API and check if given document is found amomg registered invalid documents. Create Validator client instance and call it's validate method passing the given Document entity.

Following document types can be validated:

  • Czech personal id cards
  • Czech passports (issued centrally or regionally)
  • Czech gun licenses

Original MVČR documentation to be found at:


Juc create Document object and Validator instance and pass the Document to Validator's method validate, which returns ValidatorResult object. Using ValidatorResult you can verify whether the given document is marked as invalid in MVČR registries or not. Furthermore you may get the information when the document was added to the registries and when the registries themselves were last updated.

Please use DocumentType enum for specifying the document type.

$document = new Document('123456AB', DocumentType::PERSONAL_ID_CARD);
$response = (new Validator())->validate($document);

// true if given document was found in registry of invalid documents

Or you can configure it as Nette Framework DI service

	mvcr.doc_validator: AsisTeam\MVCR\DocumentValidator\Bridges\Nette\DI\ValidatorExtension
	timeout: 5

If any problem during doing the Request to API or parsing the response the ResponseException in being thrown.