Allow Urlencoded slashed and more in routing parameters

1.0.2 2014-07-09 14:53 UTC


Overrides the default routing in Laravel 4 to allow all characters to be encoded including slashes!

Composer Configuration

Include the artistan urlencode package as a dependency in your composer.json Packagist:

"artistan/urlencode": "1.0.*"


Once you update your composer configuration, run composer install to download the dependencies.

Add a ServiceProvider to your providers array in app/config/app.php:

'providers' => array(



Apache conf

AllowEncodedSlashes On|NoDecode


Ensure all your routes are properly rawurlencoded!

This package will actually break your routing IF you do not have valid urls in your routes.

Laravel Bug Fix

([Bug] urlencoded slashes in routing parameters)[]
Current routes do not allow for urlencoded slashes in the paths.
This is problematic when trying to create ecommerce solutions with partnumbers in the routes
since many part numbers have slashes in them. There are also quite a few
manufacturers with slashes in their names and or brands. This package provides
the functionality to allow an uri to have encoded slashes, and other characters,
in the (routes)[] and also to
(create routes with those parameters)[].

 An example url may be...

            'uses' =>'Vendorname\Package\Controllers\Hardware\PartController@part',
            'as' => 'part_page'


With that said it WILL allow all characters to be rawurlencoded as parameters in your routes without breaking parameters and/or routes.