v0.2.0 2015-10-29 13:17 UTC


Implements a service for Nexmo messaging based on

Composer Configuration

Include the artistan nexmo package as a dependency in your composer.json Packagist:

"artistan/nexmo": "0.1.*"


Once you update your composer configuration, run composer install to download the dependencies.

Add a ServiceProvider to your providers array in app/config/app.php:

'providers' => array(



Publish the Vendor Config

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Artistan\Nexmo\NexmoServiceProvider"

Usage - work in progress

Sending SMS via the Nexmo SMS gateway.

Quick Examples

  1. Sending an SMS

    $sms = new Artistan\Nexmo\Service\Message\Sms; OR $sms = \App::make('nexmosmsmessage'); AND $result = $sms->sendText('15005554320','15555633637','dude, this is from a laravel package');


    $sms = NexmoSmsMessage::sendText('15005554320','15555633637','dude, this is from a laravel package');

  2. Recieving SMS

// TODO:: setup default routing for this... $sms = new Artistan\Nexmo\Service\Message\Sms; OR $sms = \App::make('nexmosmsmessage'); AND if ($sms->inboundText()) { $sms->reply('You said: ' . $sms->text); }


     NexmoAccount::reply('You said: ' . $sms->text);
  1. Receiving a message receipt

// TODO:: setup default routing for this... $receipt = new Artistan\Nexmo\Service\Receipt; OR $receipt = \App::make('nexmoreceipt'); AND if ($receipt->exists()) { switch ($receipt->status) { case $receipt::STATUS_DELIVERED: // The message was delivered to the handset! break;

         case $receipt::STATUS_FAILED:
         case $receipt::STATUS_EXPIRED:
             // The message failed to be delivered
  1. List purchased numbers on your account

    $account = new Artistan\Nexmo\Service\Account; OR $account = \App::make('nexmoaccount'); AND $numbers = $account->numbersList();


    $numbers = NexmoAccount::numbersList();

Most Frequent Issues

Sending a message returns false.

This is usually due to your webserver unable to send a request to
Nexmo. Make sure the following are met:

1) Either CURL is enabled for your PHP installation or the PHP
   option 'allow_url_fopen' is set to 1 (default).

2) You have no firewalls blocking access to
   on port 443.

Your message appears to have been sent but you do not recieve it.

Run the example.php file included. This will show any errors that
are returned from Nexmo.