A simple package to manage vue components' templates in php

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Vue templates in PHP


There are two main ways to deal with vue components' templates:

  1. Single file components
  2. <script type="text/x-template">

Single files components are great, but they have their own problems:

  1. You need a decent build setup.
  2. You can't manage templates from php directly. If this is not an issue for you - go with them, you don't need this package then. Otherwise this small packages can help you to set up <script type="text/x-template"> scheme in a simple and maintainable way.


  1. composer require arrilot/vue-templates-in-php


First of all create a helper like that

function vue()
    static $vue = null;

    if ($vue === null) {
        $vue = new \Arrilot\VueTemplates\TemplateManager('/absolute/path/to/directory/where/you/want/to/store/templates/');

    return $vue;

or place TemplateManager object in a Service Container if you have one.


<?php vue()->printTemplates() ?>

somewhere in footer above a script that starts vue application.

Now you can start making templates. For example let's imagine that you want to create a component for main menu.

  1. Create a component without template somewhere in js.
  2. Create a main-menu.php file inside the directory you passed to TemplateManager. This is a component template. You don't need to add any <script type="text/x-template"> or <template> tags to it. It's done behind the scenes.
  3. Register this template on pages where you need it - vue()->addTemplate('main-menu').
  4. Now you can reference it in a vue component you have created in step 1 like that: template: '#vue-main-menu-template'