An easy to use request sanitizer that allows you to sanitize your form data before validating it.

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The arondeparon/laravel-request-sanitizer package provides a fluent interface to sanitize form requests before validating them.

Why should I use this package?

Often, validating your request is not enough. The request sanitizer allows you to easily manipulate your form data before passing it to the validator. You can start using it in a matter of minutes and it is fully compatible with Laravel's FormRequest object.

Table of Contents

How to use

Syntax is similar to the way rules are added to a Form Request.

class StoreCustomerInformationRequest extends FormRequest
     use SanitizesInputs;
     protected $sanitizers = [
        'lastname' => [
        'mobile_phone' => [


composer require arondeparon/laravel-request-sanitizer


  • Add the SanitizesInputs trait to your form request.
  • Write your own sanitizers or use one of the supplied sanitizers and add them to the $sanitizers property of your form request.
  • Your request data will now be sanitized before being validated.

Predefined Sanitizers

FilterVars usage

The FilterVars sanitizer acts as a wrapper of the default PHP filter_var function. It accepts the same (optional) parameters as the original function. Both parameters can be either an array or string type:

    protected $sanitizers = [
        'last_name' => [
            FilterVars::class => [
                'filter' => FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING,
                'options' => FILTER_FLAG_STRIP_BACKTICK

For more information on filter_vars please refer to

Writing your own Sanitizer

Writing your own sanitizer can be done by implementing the Sanitizer interface, which requires only one method.

interface Sanitizer
     public function sanitize($input);


$ composer test



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.