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The Nova tool for configurations storage

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Bios is a well-designed UI based on the armincms/option package for store the configurations data.


To get started with Bios run the below command:

    composer require armincms/bios

After configuring the armincms/option package; you need to register the Bios tool. for doing this refer here


The Bios tool; will detect the configurable options by the resources fields. Bios resources are like Nova sources, but easier. to create new settings, you need to create a Bios resource. for doing this run the below command:

    php artisan bios:resource ResourceName

this command makes a new resource in the app/Nova directory. this resource never displayed in the Nova resource nav but will display in the Bios resources.

If you have correctly registered the Bios tool, you will see a new Nav item containing your new resources.

Attention 1 : By default, the Bios will read the storage driver from the armincms/option configurations.

Attention 2: For use custom storage you can change the public static $store = null property of the resource.

Attention 3: For authorizing each config option you can define a policy for the Armincms\Bios\Option model or create your model and change the resource public static $model property and make a policy for it.

Attention 4: It's possible to access your stored data by the static method option of the resource. so if you created the resource 'General'; you can get all data by the General::options() method. In the same way; you can retrieve the specific data by the General::option(key, default) method.

Attention 5: Methods that defined in attention 4 are just helpers and also you can use armincms/option helpers method instead of it.