The armincms option package.

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A key-value storage for laravel

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Armincms Option is a package for store key-value. with this package, you can store values by key and tag in the simplest way into multiple storages.


To get started with Armincms Option, first run:

    composer require armincms/option

Then publish configuration:

    php artisan vendor:publish --tag=armincms.option

This command publishes config and migration file into the appropriate path.


This package supports file and database storage for storing data. The default storage is file. for change the storage type you have two way:

  • With .env file: OPTION_DRIVER=database
  • With Config respository: Config::set('option.default', 'file')

Attention 1: if you want use database storage you should run php artisan migrate in console.

Attention 2: For access to option-manager by laravel container you can use app('armincms.option')

Attention 3: For simple coding: you can use helper option() insteadof app('armincms.option')

Single Storing

There exists two way for storing single data:

  • first: option()->put(key, value)

  • second: option()->key = value

Mass Storing

For mass storing data use the followings method:

	key1 => value1,
	key2 => value2,

Grouped Data

For grouping many option, can pass tag parameter when storing a data:

app('armincms.option')->put(key, value, tag)

Also; it's possible to attach a tag into data when mass storing:

	key1 => value1,
	key2 => value2,
], tag)


There exist many ways to retrieve your can retrieve your data, single or multiple.

single retrieving:

To retrieve an option, you can use option()->key. but if you need default value for missed values; you can use option(key, default) or option()->get(key, default) .

multiple retrieving:

Also, retrieving multiple options is not difficult. you can retrieve many values by its keys with the many method; like option()->many(keys). If you need default value for missed values; you can pass an associative array of keys and default values; like following:

		key1 => key1-default, 
		key2 => key2-default,
		key5 => key5-default

And you can retrieve tagged values with option()->tag(tag).

Retrieving From Other Storage

For store an option into none default driver with assumption that default driver is database; follow this:

app('armincms.option')->store('file')->put(key, value, tag)
app('armincms.option')->store('file')->many([key1, key2], tag)

For retrieve you can use this:

app('armincms.option')->store('file')->get(key, default)

Check For Existence

If you want to check for existance of an option ; you can use helper option_exists(key) or option()->has(key).