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PHP Specification library.

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Specification library in PHP.

Eric Evans & Martin Fowlers paper on Specifications


See my post on refactoring

A post detailing the usage in more detail will be available soon.


It can be installed from Packagist using Composer.

In your project root just run:

$ composer require arete/specification

Make sure that you’ve set up your project to autoload Composer-installed packages.

Running tests

Run via the command line by going to arete/specification directory and running phpunit


  • ::remainderUnsatisfiedBy()
  • ::isGeneralizationOf()
  • ::isSpecializationOf()
  • ::asQuery() for use with db, whether it uses argument, or sep methods
  • abstract part of the Collection Pipeline matching into default/premades


(I have had this written since I read the DDD books, I updated it a little and just found an old one by @mathiasverraes which was interesting!)