Adminer (by Jakub Vrana) wrapper for Laravel 5.5+

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Laravel 5 wrapper for Adminer. Adminer is a fast single-file database manager/explorer tool written by Jakub Vrana. It's a great replacement for PhpMyAdmin (also supports PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle, Firebird, SimpleDB, Elasticsearch and MongoDB).

This package is meant to be used with Laravel as an in-built database manager/explorer. It comes with support for Adminer plugins and themes, which super-charges an already powerful tool.

This package is inspired by: miroc/Laravel-Adminer. The reason to add this package is to keep it up-to-date with Adminer, add plugin support and a test suite (TBD).

Database view with default theme

Database with default theme

Table view with 'rmsoft' theme

Table with 'rmsoft' theme

Plugins Included


Adds ability to do (fuzzy) search on table names. It's especially useful when you have a large set of tables



To use this package, run:

composer require aranyasen/laravel-adminer

To use Adminer to Laravel routes (e.g. /adminer), update routes/web.php:

To autologin Adminer with Laravel default connection:

Route::any('adminer', '\Aranyasen\LaravelAdminer\AdminerAutologinController@index');

If you want to manually provide credentials on the UI instead:

Route::any('adminer', '\Aranyasen\LaravelAdminer\AdminerController@index');

Of course, you can add any middleware of your choice to restrict usage:

Route::any('adminer', '\Aranyasen\LaravelAdminer\AdminerAutologinController@index')

Disabling CSRF Middleware

Adminer doesn't work with VerifyCsrfToken middleware, so it has to be disabled on its route. In VerifyCsrfToken.php disable CSRF by adding adminer route to $except array:

protected $except = [

To add plugins

Adminer supports a host of plugins. See CONTRIBUTING to add a new plugin

To add a new theme:

Download your favorite theme in public/, e.g.:

$ wget