Laravel and Lumen rss feed parser

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A Laravel and Lumen package for parse RSS Feeds using SimplePie.


You can install this package with composer by typing in your console: composer require 'arandilopez/laravel-feed-parser:dev-master' or adding this at your project's composer.json.

"require": {
  "arandilopez/laravel-feed-parser": "0.1.*"


Laravel 5.1 (Pending Test)

Register the FeedServiceProvider in your providers array in config/app.php in Laravel 5.1

'providers' => [
  // ...


Lumen 5.1

Register the LumenFeedServiceProvider in your bootstrap/app.php in Lumen 5.1

// $app->register(App\Providers\AppServiceProvider::class);

In order to use the Facade Feed you have to uncomment this line:


Environment Configuration

Laravel and Lumen use .env files for their configuration. To change defaults configuration of Feed Parser add this environment variables in your .env file:

  • FEED_CACHE_LIFE (Set cache lifetime. Expects an integer. Defaults 3600).
  • FEED_CACHE_ENABLED (Enable cache. Expects a boolean. Defaults true).

Cache location is set default to storage laravel path


Quick Lumen example

$app->get('/feed', function() {
  $myFeed = Feed::make('');

  return response()->json($myFeed);

You can get the whole SimplePie instance by doing:

$myFeed = Feed::make('');
$simplePieInstance = $myFeed->getRawFeederObject();

// do configs and whatever with the instance 

Check SimplePie's configuration and Docs at


Yes, please.

Any feedback, errors or features suggestions are welcome in the issues