Horizon statistics in Nova

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Add Horizon statistics to your Nova dashboard.



You can install the package via composer:

composer require appstract/nova-horizon


There are two ways to use this package. One is to enable the Horizon dashboard or tool in your application's NovaServiceProvider. This will add a new dashboard to Nova, shown in the screenshot above.

class NovaServiceProvider extends NovaApplicationServiceProvider
    protected function dashboards()
        return [
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Dashboard,

    protected function tools()
        return [
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Tool,

Second way is by adding cards to the main dashboard or your own dashboard(s).

class Main extends Dashboard
    public function cards()
        return [
            // Like the dashboard
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Cards\Stats,
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Cards\Workload,
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Cards\PendingJobs,
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Cards\FailedJobs,
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Cards\CompletedJobs,

            // Stats as seperate cards
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Cards\JobsPerMinute,
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Cards\RecentJobsCount,
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Cards\FailedJobsCount,
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Cards\Status,
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Cards\TotalProcesses,
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Cards\MaxWaitTime,
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Cards\MaxRuntime,
            new \Appstract\NovaHorizon\Cards\MaxThroughput,


Contributions are welcome, thanks to y'all :)

About Appstract

Appstract is a small team from The Netherlands. We create (open source) tools for Web Developers and write about related subjects on Medium. You can follow us on Twitter.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.