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Metadata for your Eloquent model


You can install the package via composer:

composer require appstract/laravel-meta

Publish, migrate

By running php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Appstract\Meta\MetaServiceProvider" in your project all files for this package will be published. For this package, it's only a migration. Run php artisan migrate to migrate the table. There will now be a table named metas in your database.


You can easily add Meta to an Eloquent model. Just add this to your model:

use Appstract\Meta\Metable;

class Book extends Model
    use Metable;

Then you can get, add, update and delete meta to the model.

$book = Book::find(1);

$book->addMeta('someKey', 'someValue');




$book->updateMeta('someKey', 'anotherValue');

$book->addOrUpdateMeta('someKey', 'someValue');





$ composer test


Contributions are welcome, thanks to y'all :)

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