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Apolbox is the open source code as a framework application for building websites with wizarding methods, which can make website building faster.


  1. Web server

Web server is useful to run php code which will be executed by browser. You can use the web server as below:

  1. Composer

Composer is useful for installing the necessary packages, Without the composer installed the app will not work properly. click here for instructions on using the composer.

  1. Text editor

Text editors are useful for writing or editing source files (optional) If you are interested in installing a text editor, the following text editor list might be:

If I myself choose to use Eclipse Editor but you have the right to choose a comfortable text editor according to your own.

  1. Git

Useful Git repository to download the source code quickly, to download the git click here.

  1. Others

And the ability in the Hypertext Processor (PHP)

Instructions for use

A. Cloning Source Code

If you have not installed Composer and Git it's time to install, if you can install apolbox now, please Type the following command:

git clone https://github.com/apolbox/apolbox.git

The above command line will download the source code and create a new folder apolbox in your work directory.

B. Install Package

Once you get the source code you can now install the packages needed by the source code to run properly, by typing the following commands:

composer install

Please check your working directory, you will find a new folder vendor in which there are packages required by the source code.

C. Run the Application

After step a and b done correctly then please enable your webserver to test the application can run correctly.


To ask for help if you have any problems please use the link below: