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Call some external APIs when things happen in your Flarum forum.

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0.0.3 2018-03-20 00:36 UTC

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A Flarum extension that makes POST requests to URLs you specify when certain events happen.

Supported Events

Only the following events are currently supported. Feel free to make a pull request to add more.

  • PostWasPosted


composer require antriver/flarum-http-hooks


There is no UI for specifying the URLs. Instead you must add an entry to your database containing a JSON string.

Example configuration:

{"PostWasPosted":["", ""]}

Makes those 2 URLs receive a POST request when Flarum's PostWasPosted event fires.

To add this to you settings table:

INSERT INTO `settings` (`key`, `value`)
	('flarum-http-hooks.urls', '{\"PostWasPosted\":[\"\", \"\"]}');