Simple file based web site builder.

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A simple markdown, file based, web site builder.

How it works

Fizl Pages makes it easy to map URIs to markdown files. For example, when a user visits /home, Fizl will render the content in the file.

Folder Structure

All content goes inside the base folder called content. This can be changed in the configuration. All pages go inside a pages folder. Error pages such as the 404 go in an errors folder.

   // blog/one


You can create sub pages by putting your files within nested folders.

Index Pages

Lets say a user visits /about. Fizl will first check if an exists, if not it will try to find about/

Page Content

Simply write your the page content in markdown syntax.

Page Headers

$pages = new Anomaly\FizlPages\Pages;

$page = $pages->find('home');

echo $page->title; // echoes Home

echo $page->date;