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This package provides powerfull administration.


Note: this works when annotate/sandbox is installed


composer require annotate/backend:@dev

Extend your presenter with Annotate\Modules\Application\ModularPresenter.

Register modules routes provider with adding @Annotate\Backend\Routing\BackendRouteProvider to app/config/app.neon after DefaultRouteProviderService

Register authenticators and authorizators with adding them as services into app/config/services.neon file:

    class: App\Services\DummyAuthorizator
    tags: [kdyby.subscriber]
    class: App\Services\DummyAuthenticator
    tags: [security.authenticator]

Note: You can use any authenticator and authorizator. When using custom authenticator set correct authenticator key in vendor/annotate/security/src/Components/LoginForm.php (will be fixed soon). When using DummyAuthenticator use admin as login and password.

##Do not use DummyAuthenticator in production!##


For better experience install also packages annotate/themes and annotate/packages


Just remove line with annotate/backend from composer.json and run composer update

Revert changes made along with installation process.