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Bring Tracking API library

dev-master 2015-12-16 09:42 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-11 16:50:55 UTC


This PHP wrapper is not supported by Bring, but as of Dec 2015 they do not offer a PHP alternative. Based on the developer documentation.


With Composer:

composer require animail/bring-api


How to use it


use \Animail\BringApi;

// ...

$api_uid = '';
$api_key = '1234abc-abcd-1234-5678-abcd1234abcd';
$my_website_url = '';
$bring = new BringApi($api_uid, $api_key, $my_website_url);

// Don't want to authenticate?
$bring = new BringApi();

Find shipment by reference, package number or shipment number

The track() method wraps the Tracking API and always returns an array, including when the shipment(s) could not be found. Unless there was an API error, in which case we'll throw all kinds of fun \Animail\BringApiExceptions.

// Shipment number
$consignmentSet = $bring->track('73325389952521130'); // array('consignmentSet' => array())

// Package number
$consignmentSet = $bring->track('CT797294851NO'); // array('consignmentSet' => array())

// Reference (this is usually your internal ordernumber or shipmentID)
$consignmentSet = $bring->track('1234'); // array('consignmentSet' => array())

Catching exceptions

Catch everything in the same place

try {
  $bring = new BringApi('', '', '');
} catch (BringApiException $e) {
  // All our exception types extend the BringApiException class

Only catch errors from the API

try {
  $bring = new BringApi('', '', '');
  $results = $bring->track('boobar');
} catch (BringApiErrorException $e) {


Separate handlers for different types

try {
  $bring = new BringApi('', '', '');
  $results = $bring->track('boobar');
} catch (BringApiClientException $e) {
  // Issues with the client. Guzzle for some reason threw an error.
} catch (BringApiErrorException $e) {

} catch (BringApiException $e) {
  // This one will never be called unless we add more exception types in the future


We love open source software and would love to see pull requests. We're trying to be PSR-4 compliant but don't have many other requirements.