Custom post type used to integrate former mini-websites on

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Custom post type used to integrate former mini-websites on

How it works

Minisite::init() adds a new minisite_page custom post type that can be grouped with the minisite taxonomy. Our WordPress theme then displays this custom post type has a series of pages with a common TOC. You can see an example here.

Grunt tasks

Grunt can be used to run some automated tasks defined in Gruntfile.js.

Your first need to install dependencies with Yarn and Composer:

yarn install
composer install

Be careful to not commit these dependencies in the repository!

You can remove them like this:

composer install --no-dev

(We can't add vendor/ to .gitignore because we need to include autoload into the repository in case the plugin is installed with the regular WordPress installer and not Composer.)


You can check that the JavaScript, JSON and PHP files are formatted correctly:

grunt lint


You can run PHPUnit tests:

grunt test

Translation template

You can update the POT translation template:

grunt makepot


Gitlab CI is used to run the tests automatically after each commit.