Anax comments module.

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Anax module for system for comments


Install with composer

composer require andymartinj/comments

Copy view files

rsync -av vendor/andymartinj/comments/view/comments* view

The edit_comment.php view is necessary for editing comments. The comments.php is just for showing how you can add the comment section to a page.

Router files

rsync -av vendor/andymartinj/comments/config/route/comments.php config/route

You need to include the router file in your router configuration config/route.php. There is a sample you can use in vendor/andymartinj/comments/config/route.php.

DI services

You need to add the services di configuration config/di.php. There is a sample you can use in vendor/andymartinj/comments/config/di.php.


The system uses a database to store comments. You can see the database structure in vendor/andymartinj/comments/data/comments.sqlite.


This software carries a MIT license.

..:  Copyright (c) 2017 Andre Johansson (