Facebook OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite

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1. Installation

composer require andrewnovikof/facebookserviceprovider

2. Service Provider

  • Remove Laravel\Socialite\SocialiteServiceProvider from your providers[] array in config\app.php if you have added it already.
  • Add SocialiteProviders\Manager\ServiceProvider to your providers[] array in config\app.php.

For example:

'providers' => [
    // a whole bunch of providers
    // remove 'Laravel\Socialite\SocialiteServiceProvider',
    SocialiteProviders\Manager\ServiceProvider::class, // add
  • Note: If you would like to use the Socialite Facade, you need to install it.

3. Add the Event and Listeners

  • Add SocialiteProviders\Manager\SocialiteWasCalled::class event to your listen[] array in <app_name>/Providers/EventServiceProvider.

  • Add your listeners (i.e. the ones from the providers) to the SocialiteProviders\Manager\SocialiteWasCalled[] that you just created.

  • The listener that you add for this provider is AndrewNovikof\SocialiteProviders\Facebook\FacebookExtendSocialite::class.

  • Note: You do not need to add anything for the built-in socialite providers unless you override them with your own providers.

For example:

 * The event handler mappings for the application.
 * @var array
protected $listen = [
    SocialiteProviders\Manager\SocialiteWasCalled::class => [

4. Services Array and .env

Add to config/services.php:

'facebook' => [
    'client_id' => env('FACEBOOK_ID'),
    'client_secret' => env('FACEBOOK_SECRET'),
    'redirect' => env('FACEBOOK_REDIRECT'),  

Append provider values to your .env file: Note: Add both public and secret keys!

// other values above