A small helper class used to help you check if code is still running

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Just a small helper class designed to allow you to easily keep track of code that is already running so that it doesn't run twice.

Why yet another PID helper class?

I wanted a process checker that did things properly on linux. It uses the /proc interface to see if the process is still running. On OSX it uses the ps command.

There is no windows support in this library. If you'd like to add it then please submit a pull request that does something similar to the OSX or Linux implementations.

How to install

Add the following to your composer.json file and run composer update.

    "require": {
        "andrewfenn/pid-helper": "0.1.0"

How to use

To use it call the code as shown below. This class will check that the process id is still running or not.

use PidHelper/PidHelper;

$pidHelper = new PidHelper('/path/to/dir/', '');

if (!$pidHelper->lock()) {
    exit("Script Running\n");

// .... Your code ....

// Optional