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Typed arrays in PHP.

By AndrewCarterUK (Twitter)


Install using Composer.

composer require andrewcarteruk/typed-arrays ^0.2


These are objects that act like arrays, they are not native PHP arrays and will not pass an is_array() test.

As they are objects, unlike PHP arrays, they are always passed by reference.

Example Usage

use TypedArray\StringArray;

$stringArray = new StringArray(['Hello, World!', 'foo' => 'bar']);
// Or, $stringArray = new StringArray();

try {
    $stringArray[] = 1;
} catch (\InvalidArgumentException $exception) {
    echo $exception->getMessage() . PHP_EOL;
use App\Farm\Chicken;
use TypedArray\InstanceArray;

$chickenArray = new InstanceArray(Chicken::class, [new Chicken('Bob')]);

$chickenArray[] = new Chicken('Tony');
$chickenArray['foo'] = new Chicken('Alice');

try {
    $chickenArray[] = 1;
} catch (\InvalidArgumentException $exception) {
    echo $exception->getMessage() . PHP_EOL;

Available Types

ArrayArray, BoolArray, CallableArray, FloatArray, InstanceArray($classPath), IntArray, NumericArray, ObjectArray, ResourceArray, ScalarArray, StringArray.