A package to easily make use of Remix Icon in your Laravel Blade views.

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Blade Remix Icon

A package to easily make use of Remix Icon in your Laravel Blade views. Based on skydiver/blade-icons-remix.

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For a full list of available icons see the resources/svg directory or search


  • PHP 7.4 or higher
  • Laravel 8.0 or higher


composer require andreiio/blade-remix-icon


Icons can be used a self-closing Blade components which will be compiled to SVG icons:

<x-ri-bookmark-fill />

You can also pass classes to your icon components:

<x-ri-mail-line class="w-6 h-6 text-gray-500 fill-current"/>

And even use inline styles:

<x-ri-stack-line style="fill: #F00" />

Raw SVG Icons

If you want to use the raw SVG icons as assets, you can publish them using:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=blade-remix-icon --force

Then use them in your views like:

<img src="{{ asset('vendor/blade-remix-icon/code-fill.svg') }}" width="10" height="10"/>

Blade Icons

Blade Remix icon uses Blade Icons under the hood. Please refer to the Blade Icons readme for additional functionality.


composer test



This project is licensed under the MIT License (MIT) – see the LICENSE file for details.