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Wordpress plugin based on Represent Map.

The original represent map is a full-system to manage startups, accelerators, coworking and much more pin on maps using Google Maps API.

This plugin is inspired on the original Represent Map providing the wordpress admin management. The same functionality inside Wordpress.



"andrebian/wp-represent-map": "dev-master"


Clone this repository into your wp-content/plugins path keeeping the wp-represent-map path name and enable it on Wordpress admin panel.

Downloading as zip

Download it as zip, unzip into your wp-content/plugins path keeping the wp-represent-map path name.



On your functions.php put the following code:

/* Single item height in pixels */
if ( !defined('SINGLE_HEIGHT_MAP') ) {
    define('SINGLE_HEIGHT_MAP', '150PX');

/* Full map height in pixels */
if ( !defined('ALL_HEIGHT_MAP') ) {
    define('ALL_HEIGHT_MAP', '560px');

After this follow the steps bellow.

Admin Panel

Configure your default location and default lat lng in Settings/Wp Represent Map admin page. After this create your item types in Map Items/Type on wordpress admin panel. Now just create your Map items providing the correct address and selecting which is the type of it.


The WP Represent Map works with shortcode. To show all items in a map use:


To show only one type of items on map provide the slug you want to show in type parameter:

[represent-map type=startup]


This plugin actually works with only 2 category levels, if exists more than 2 levels the following WILL NOT APPEAR on lateral menu.


I am just starting the development and would be very happy if anyone can help to create an awesome tool.

If you want to contribute, please read CONTRIBUTING file.