A simple resource watcher using Symfony Finder

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A simple resource watcher for getting changes of your filesystem.

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Use Composer to install this package:

composer require andersundsehr/resource-watcher:dev-master

How to use?

This package uses Symfony Finder to set the criteria to discover file changes.

use Symfony\Component\Finder\Finder;
use Yosymfony\ResourceWatcher\Crc32ContentHash;
use Yosymfony\ResourceWatcher\ResourceWatcher;
use Yosymfony\ResourceWatcher\ResourceCachePhpFile;

$finder = new Finder();

$hashContent = new Crc32ContentHash();
$resourceCache = new ResourceCachePhpFile('/path-cache-file.php');
$watcher = new ResourceWatcher($resourceCache, $finder, $hashContent);

// delete a file

$result = $watcher->findChanges();

$result->getDeletedResources() // array of deleted filenames. e.g: "/home/yosymfony/"

Finding changes

Every time the method findChanges() of the class ResourceWatcher is invoked, it returns an object type ResourceWatcherResult with information about all the changes producced in the filesystem. The ResourceWatcherResult class has the following methods:

  • getNewFiles(): Returns an array with the paths of the new resources.
  • getDeteledFiles(): Returns an array with the paths of deleted resources.
  • getUpdatedFiles(): Returns an array with the paths of the updated resources.
  • hasChanges(): Are they changes in your resources?.

Hashing alternatives

Two hashing classes are included in the package:

  • Yosymfony\ResourceWatcher\Crc32ContentHash, which hashes the content of the file
  • Yosymfony\ResourceWatcher\Crc32MetaDataHash, which hashes the filename and its last modified timestamp

Rebuild cache

To rebuild the resource cache uses rebuild() method of the class ResourceWatcher.

Relative paths with the resource cache

Using relative paths with the resource cache is possible thanks to the ResourceWatcher's method enableRelativePathWithCache:

$watcher = new ResourceWatcher($resourceCache, $finder, $hashContent);

The ResourceWatcherResult object will has relative paths.

Unit tests

You can run the unit tests with the following command:

$ composer test