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composer req andersundsehr/no-ci

what does it do

This plugin adds the possibility to add @no-ci/@ci to any composer script.
you can Add it in front of every possible composer script. documentation

Example composer.json

  "scripts": {
    "test": [
      "@no-ci @php vendor/bin/phpunit -c phpunit.xml",
      "@ci @php vendor/bin/phpunit -c phpunit-ci.xml"
    "other:examples": [
      "@no-ci Composer\\Config::disableProcessTimeout",
      "@no-ci @clearCache",
      "@no-ci @composer install",
      "@no-ci @php script.php",
      "@no-ci @putenv COMPOSER=phpstan-composer.json",
      "@no-ci ls -alh"
    "clearCache": "rm -rf var"

with ♥️ from anders und sehr GmbH

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