Config Aggregator

1.0.1 2019-02-19 17:13 UTC

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Last update: 2020-06-28 17:02:18 UTC


Merge config files in a tree structure. Subdirectories and files are added as keys in the returned config array.

Suppose following file structure:

  • project.config.php
  • dependencies/
    • factories.php
    • services.php

This will create a config array with contents of the project.config.php file in the root, followed by:

$config = [
    // config elements from project.config.php
    'dependencies' => [
        'factories' => <whatever is returned in factories.php>,
        'services' => <whatever is returned in services.php>,

Currently yaml, json and php config array files are supported.


Installation via composer:

composer require amazium/amz-config

Explicit Aggregator Factory

You can explicitely tell the system which aggregator to use, you can specify a directory or file. The file needs to be parsible by the selected aggregator.

When providing a directory, the files of this extension are also included als elements of the root object. A file named project.config.php will have his contents in the project key of the config array. A consequence is that files and sub paths are on the same level in this structure, while when you have a file as root, this file acts as the root element.

Example usage:

use Amz\Config\AggregateFactory;

$aggregator = AggregatorFactory::createPhpAggregator('/path/to/project.config.php');
$config = $aggregator->aggregate();

// OR:

$aggregator = AggregatorFactory::createPhpAggregator('/path/to');
$config = $aggregator->aggregate();

Lazy Aggregator Factory

It is possible to pass the root config file to the static createAggregatorByExtension method of the AggregatorFactory factory. This will inflect the right aggregator from the file extension. It will then add all config files of the same extension in the subdirectory structure.

Example usage:

use Amz\Config\AggregateFactory;

$aggregator = AggregatorFactory::createAggregatorByExtension('/path/to/project.config.php');
$config = $aggregator->aggregate();