Encrypted symfony entity's by verified and standardized libraries. Fixed version of michaeldegroot/doctrine-encrypt-bundle

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This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-05-09 10:00:07 UTC


This is an fork from the original bundle created by ambta which can be found here: ambta/DoctrineEncryptBundle

This bundle has updated security by not rolling it's own encryption and using verified standardized library's from the field.

ambta/DoctrineEncryptBundle is not secured, It uses old crypto functions and programming mistakes like supplying a IV in ECB mode (which does nothing)

Using Halite

All deps are already installed with this package

// Config.yml
    encryptor_class: Halite

Using Defuse

You will need to require Defuse yourself

composer require "defuse/php-encryption ^2.0"

// Config.yml
    encryptor_class: Defuse

Secret key

Secret key is generated if there is no key found. This is automatically generated and stored in the folder defined in the configuration

// Config.yml
    secret_directory_path: '%kernel.project_dir%'   # Default value

Filename example: .DefuseEncryptor.key or .HaliteEncryptor.key

Do not forget to add these files to your .gitignore file, you do not want this on your repository!