The auditing & accountability package for Laravel's Eloquent ORM.

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v4.0.0 2024-03-25 11:49 UTC


This package provides a convenient way to keep track of Eloquent model changes.

Data discrepancies that may indicate business concerns, suspect activities, and other actions that would otherwise pass unnoticed, can now be easily spotted.

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Version Matrix

VersionIlluminateStatusPHP Version
4.x10.x.y - 11.x.yLatest>= 8.1.0
3.x8.x.y - 10.x.yEOL>= 7.4.0
2.x7.x.yEOL>= 7.2.5
1.x5.2.x - 6.x.yEOL>= 7.1.3

Key Features

  • Many-to-many (BelongsToMany and MorphToMany) relation support;
  • Event source style approach, by keeping complete snapshots of Recordable models when created, modified or retrieved;
  • Ability to recreate Recordable model instances in the exact state they were in when recorded;
  • Signed Ledger records for data integrity;
  • Effortless data integrity checks;
  • Recording contexts;
  • Huge customisation support (drivers, resolvers, and more);
  • Easy to follow documentation and troubleshooting guide;
  • Laravel and Lumen 8.0+ support;


The package documentation can be found here.


For information on recent changes, check the CHANGELOG.


Contributions are always welcome, but before anything else, make sure you get acquainted with the CONTRIBUTING guide.


If you find a security related issue, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



The Accountant package is open source software licensed under the MIT LICENSE.