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Install the package through Composer: run the composer require command from the Terminal:

composer require alsoknownasdrew/remote-ok-php

Getting Started

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Alsoknownasdrew\RemoteOK\Client\Factory\ClientFactory;

$client = ClientFactory::create();


Legal notice from the Remote OK API:

By using Remote OK's API feed you legally agree to mention Remote OK as a source and link back to the job listing URL on Remote OK with a DIRECT link, no redirects please. Please don't use our Remote OK and r|OK logo without written permission as they're registered trademarks. And thanks for using Remote OK! ^__^

Fetch positions

Retrieve available positions from

$positions = $client->positions();

$client->positions() will return an array of Position objects. By default, API responds with a list of job positions from the last 30 days, but you can pass an optional limit argument to Client::positions() method

$positions = $client->positions(5); // will return an array with the 5 most recent positions

Let's take a look on what's inside the client response by taking the first position from the array:

$position = $positions[0];

Get position properties

You can get the following properties from a Position object: company name, company logo URL, company location, creation date, description, position ID, is position original (boolean), slug, tags, title, URL.

Company Name

Get the name of the company.


Company Logo URL

Get the full URL of the company's logo.


Company Location

Get the location of the company.


Creation Date

Get the creation date of the position position posting.



Get the description of the position posting.


Position ID

Get the internal ID of the position on


Position Originality

Check whether the position posting is original, return as a boolean.



Get the slug of the position posting on



Get the tags associated with the position posting.



Get the title of the position posting.


Position URL

Get the full URL of the position posting on



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