Symfony bundle and Codeception fixtures module

0.2.1 2016-07-14 20:46 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-22 03:44:14 UTC


Codeception module for working with Alice/Faker fixtures in conjunction with AliceBundle.

This is an early prototype. Feedback is welcome.


composer require alsbury/malice

Configure Codeception Test Suites

Add module to codeception test suite YAML file:

class_name: FunctionalTester
    - Symfony2:
        app_path: '../../../app'
        var_path: '../../../var'
        environment: 'test'
    - \Component\Registration\Tests\Helper\Functional
    - \Alsbury\Malice\Component\Codeception\Module\Malice:
        drop_create: true

Example test that loads fixtures defined in a bundle, specified by Doctrine annotations:


use Alsbury\Malice\Component\Annotation\Fixture;

 * @Fixture("MyBundle:Foo.yml")
 * @Fixture("MyBundle:Bar.yml")
 * @Fixture("AnotherBundle:AnotherFoo.yml")
class AccountCreatorTest extends \Codeception\TestCase\Test
     * @Fixture("MyBundle:MethodSpecificFoo.yml")
    public function testNothing()
        $this->assertEquals(true, true);

    public function testSomeOtherNothing()

Setup fixtures per the hautelook/alice-bundle spec. Fixtures definition files Foo.yml are expected to be in the directory DataFixtures/ORM in the specific bundle directory. Each fixture needs to have its own annotation as noted in the sample above, containing the bundle name, followed by a colon, then the fixture yaml file MyBundle:Foo.yml. Fixture annotations for the class will apply to all methods in that class. Fixture annotations for a method will be added to the class fixtures for that specific test only.

Fixture environments are not currently supported.


  • Symfony 2 or 3
  • Codeception 2.1+ with Symfony 2 module
  • hautelook/alice-bundle